Best Of Westchester Top 5 Tables 2010

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I was sad to miss the Westchester Magazine “Best Of Westchester” party last night.  It’s always the jump-off of the year around these parts.  But I’m a new Dad with an infant baby at home, so my wife and I were unable to make it.  Lucky for us our Westcheddar correspondent Billy “The Kid” Henderson was in attendance to do his annual breakdown of the Top 5 Tables.  Check out his review…

It’s about that time of year again. Uncle Ralph pulled off another great party. This year was a little different than the last few years. Where was Willet’s Steakhouse? The Crabtree Kittle House? The Seviche? The Gazpacho? Ipcus and Killa Kam? It felt a little off.

With Lady Gaga as our background music, a woman dressed like Lady Gaga trying to lip sync to our background music and a chef (who embarrassed Bobby Flay on a popular cable network) serving dessert downstairs, it was a quick trip upstairs (around fake breasts and really old women) to find the best tables.

Upstairs also raised a couple issues with me. One, if your restaurant is named after your skill at plating dishes, maybe you shouldn’t serve a homemade Ring Ding. Glorified cupcakes aren’t making this list playboy. Two, the background music, for both floors, should of been from the band upstairs. Three, way too many desserts.  Let’s get into it.

1. Le Chateau
1410 Route 35
South Salem, NY 10590

As I approached the table, Chef Andre was doing his best European two step and his assistant had a Pink Floyd shirt on. Again, a little different this year. He served a seared bay scallop with a tomato-basil sauce and a parsley-ginger sauce. Clean, simple, and the best dish there. The parsley-ginger sauce was insane.

2. Sushi Mike’s
146 Main Street
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

This year Sushi Mike and his team tried to distract me from eating all their food, with a female employee sporting a fake “Sushi Mike’s” tattoo on her neck. I did notice her neck. I also noticed the fact that I can eat an absurd amount of Sushi in one sitting. Like my Irish Grandmother used to say,”Odorokubeki Sushi!”

3. F.A.B.
222 E. Main Street
Mount Kisco, NY 10549

They had a braised Lamb shank over goat cheese Polenta. The Lamb tasted like actual butter and the goat cheese Polenta was very nice. Subtract the enormous carrots and you might have the best dish at the party. Really good.

4. The Cookery
39 Chestnut Street
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Have to applaud Chef Dave for coming strong at his first B.O.W. with TWO solid dishes. The White Lasagna and fried Duck Tongue over white Polenta were pretty damn tasty.

5. Bistro Rollin
142 5th Avenue
Pehlam, NY 10803

This place served two little servings of amuse-bouche that were packed with flavor. One was a Salmon tartare with pickled leeks, ginger and cucumber. Topped with a lemon reduction. The other was chicken liver topped with a fig and a Port jus’ lie’. Dope.

Thanks for reading. If you disagree with me, I could care less.

No, thank you Billy.  Hope to see you next year.  Cheers Westchester!

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