Beach Boys

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Matisyahu was in town this week on tour with Sublime at the Nikon Theater at Jones Beach, and he invited me to join him on stage.  It’s been a while since I performed with him, almost exactly a year, and it was great to be back up there rocking our collabo “WP”.  But before we got to that, he brought me out for a little warm up, where we exchanged raps over a dope beat by his band The Dub Trio.  Here’s a pic someone posted on Twitter…

And check the guerilla video footage filmed from the crowd by my boy Timmy P.  Audio is actually pretty nice on this.  And if you recognize my verse, it’s because it’s from “Druss Park”

Shout out to my boys in the pic up top for a great night.  It was my first fellas night out since my son was born, and it was a memorable one, filled with awesome music and tons of laughs.  Always great to catch up with Matis too, sounds like he’s got some cool stuff happening very soon.  That’s what it is.


Here’s a throwback pic from the summer 2007 of me and Matis on that same Jones Beach stage…


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