Taxi Tastings

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Action Bronson’s latest episode of Fuck, That’s Delicious finds him and his boy Big Body Bes cruising through NYC in a taxi (their driver is off the hook), stopping at their favorite late night grub spots throughout the five boroughs to eat. From halal Chinese food to weed pizza, there’s a little taste of everything. And they even find time to shoot some hoops. Check it out.

Record Heaven

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Last year, after visiting a great little music shop in Laguna Beach, California on my honeymoon, I posted about some of my favorite places to buy music.  Well, Rolling Stone magazine recently came out with their own Top 25 list of The Best Record Stores In The USA.  We both were in agreement that Amoeba Music is the best store out there (Come to New York!).  Check out the rest of their list in the link below.  And to think, NYC only has one store on here (check the picture above of Greenwich Village’s Other Music).  Shout out to Baltimore for having a couple spots in the Top 25, that’s what’s up (Max Bee just recently took me to one of them last time I was in town)….


Man, I’d love to take a road trip across country one day to visit all these shops.  Better do it soon before they all go out of business!  Support your local record store!  I wish I could say I had one, but honestly, there are NONE in Westchester County.  Bummer dude.

Beach Boys

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Matisyahu was in town this week on tour with Sublime at the Nikon Theater at Jones Beach, and he invited me to join him on stage.  It’s been a while since I performed with him, almost exactly a year, and it was great to be back up there rocking our collabo “WP”.  But before we got to that, he brought me out for a little warm up, where we exchanged raps over a dope beat by his band The Dub Trio.  Here’s a pic someone posted on Twitter…

And check the guerilla video footage filmed from the crowd by my boy Timmy P.  Audio is actually pretty nice on this.  And if you recognize my verse, it’s because it’s from “Druss Park”

Shout out to my boys in the pic up top for a great night.  It was my first fellas night out since my son was born, and it was a memorable one, filled with awesome music and tons of laughs.  Always great to catch up with Matis too, sounds like he’s got some cool stuff happening very soon.  That’s what it is.


Here’s a throwback pic from the summer 2007 of me and Matis on that same Jones Beach stage…


Get Him To The Greek

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Get Him To The Greek, the highly anticipated Forgetting Sarah Marshall spin-off starring Russell Brand and Jonah Hill (see above), finally released its official trailer.  Looks like quite an adventure.  I’m very excited about this movie for a few reasons.  One, I’m a big fan of Judd Apatow movies, and FSM is a classic.  Two, my boy Nick Kroll is in it, as is his boy Aziz Ansari (they popped up together briefly in I Love You, Man too).  Check them both out in the first couple seconds of the trailer with Diddy.  Yes!

My third and final reason why I’m excited about Get Him To The Greek is because I’ve performed there!  Ahh, the summer of 2006.  Check the pic of me rocking with Matisyahu at the Greek Theatre…

Finally, a movie I’m looking forward to seeing.  Anything else good coming out?

Birthday Dog

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Walter’s hot dog stand, located in Mamaroneck behind the high school, is celebrating its 90th birthday this week.  Pretty amazing.  I wish the picture above was more accurate, because every time I try to go eat there’s always a long ass line.  But I admit, they make a mean hot dog, and it’s well worth the short wait.  Check out a close up below of their most famous menu item, and peep the cut-in-half style and secret sauce.  Then, when your mouth is done watering, read the article from this morning’s Journal News about Walter’s b-day.  Here’s to 90 more years!!!!


Walter’s Turns 90 in Hot Dog Years

Chipotle On The Way

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Chipotle, my favorite fast food Mexican joint on the planet, is finally coming to Westchester County.  Praise the lord.  Construction has begun on their new location in Rye Ridge (in place of the old movie theater in the Rye Ridge Shopping Center), and will be opening within the next several months.  This is fantastic news!

Back when I was a senior at the University of Maryland, Chipotle opened up one of its first locations in College Park.  And I ate there EVERY DAMN DAY.  Sometimes twice a day.  Those who know me best will tell you I have a deep love for Mexican cuisine.  In fact, the term “salseated” was created for me to describe when I go in.  And Chipotle is awesome because it allows you to create your own burrito.  And their ingredients are very tasty.

Slowly but surely, Chipotle made its north to New York and flooded Manhattan, but still there has never been a location in Westchester (the closest one to me is by Columbia University).  So when my geeee Jon Jo texted me the other day (who is a fellow Maryland grad and Chipotle feign), I jumped through the roof in excitement.  I can’t wait to eat lunch there EVERY DAY.  Dinner too.  Hollerrrrrr.

Groupie Love

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Chester French is on tour overseas, and they are keeping a video diary along their journey.  Recently, during a stop in Bristol, England for a gig, they documented a couple of fun interactions with some local gals.  Above, watch as they attempt to invite two ladies walking on the street to their performance later that night.  And below, enjoy their post-show antics with a group of lovely female fans outside the venue.  

I respect how CF incorporates the camera into their G with the ladies.  Very fun.  One question though boys.  Did you smash?  Finally, for those interested in their actual music and not just their groupie success rate, here’s a peak into a recent rehearsal session, where they work on a reggae version of their album cut “C’mon (On My Own)”….

Seems like these guys are having a good time across the pond, wouldn’t you say?

Shopping Spree

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Amoeba Music may be the dopest record store on the planet.  I used to raid the one in Berkeley every summer when I would go to California to visit my homeland.  And I’ve been to the ones in San Francisco and L.A. a few times too.  They are the best!  I wish they had a location in New York.  Well, I stumbled upon a little web series thing they’ve been doing called “What’s In My Bag?”, where they catch different musicians and celebrities shopping in their stores and see what they’re buying.  Check the episode above featuring Alchemist (one of my favorite hip hop producers of all time) and his rapping buddy Evidence to peep what they copped.  And below, take a listen to a really dope song off Alchemist’s last project The Cookbook EP featuring Evidence, Blu, and Kid Cudi on the hook.  It’s called “Therapy”…

And here’s a nice LA themed video for an Alchemist and Evidence duet called “So Fresh”, off Ev’s latest EP The Layover

Alchemist has a new album on the way, so keep your eyes open for that.  And if you want to see what was in my shopping cart recently from, CLICK HERE.  Amoeba please come to New York so I don’t have to shop online all the time!!!!!


I got two other favorite record stores that I’ve been to recently outside the New York area.  Westchester County has no cool record stores, and it never really has other than big chains (don’t get me wrong I heart Borders but it’s not exactly a COOL RECORD STORE).  I grew up going into the Bronx to buy mixtapes and vinyl, but the rise of the internet made those types of trips basically unnecessary.  But I still appreciate going to a great hometown spot to buy music, probably more than any other activity on the planet.  Check these two out…


Jack’s Music Shoppe is in Red Bank, New Jersey, near where some friends of mine live.  The town and general area surrounding it is the backdrop for all those Kevin Smith movies like Chasing Amy (a scene in the movie takes place there and the famous Secret Stash comic book store is across the street).  My boy told me Jersey locals like Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi have been known to pop in, and they’ve got a great selection of stuff in there.  Stop by if you’re ever in the area.


Sound Spectrum (above) is a tiny but super cool music store in Laguna Beach, California.  I was there a couple months ago, and struck up a conversation with the owner Jim Otto after noticing how sick his reggae section was.  Turns out he was a total reggae enthusiast, and put me on to some great stuff that I wasn’t up on.  He also gave me a tour of his back office which was filled with vinyl and collector’s items and pictures from old tours and movies and album promotions.  Great guy, and awesome store.  Definitely visit if you are in the area.



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