Home Grown


Big ups to my little sister Becca for putting me on to this video of a young father singing Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros “Home” with his daughter (Jorge and Alexa Narvaez).  Too cute!  Below, they sing Alicia Keys “Unthinkable”…

Home is definitely where the heart is.  Stay up to date with all their new videos HERE.  And more Westcheddar youth related posts can be found HERE.  Peace and love.

The Lottery

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The first ever fantasy NBA season of the Westcheddar Hoops League is officially underway.  Our league is made up of 16 teams, with owners from Massachusetts to Maryland.  It’s going to be tough competition, with cash and prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.  We set the season off today with “The Lottery” to determine who will pick when in our upcoming draft.  A few of the owners were down at Madison Square Garden with the BGC middle/high school basketball team to watch the Knicks Open Practice, so we filmed “The Lottery” there and had the kids pull the team names out of a hat.  Check it out above.  And below, watch a great clip of my young boy Nappi aka Napstar spit a sick rap at our recent BGC Jam Session (alongside our special guest and up and coming rap star Chris Webby) over a beat made in our lab by a fellow 8th grader we call Dr. Dres.  This is what we do…

You see me cheesin’ in the background?!?!?  I love watching my little dudes kill it.  More action from the Westcheddar Hoops League coming soon, along with our official NBA preview.  Stay tuned!!!

Get Pumped

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Ok, this is what happens when I spend a whole summer with a bunch of middle school campers.  We hang out every day, play pool and tetherball, crack jokes nonstop, and then go into the lab and make rap music together.  These kids, who call themselves “The Kunais” (I’m told it means “japanese tool”) came up with the concept and beat for two great songs, and we ended up performing them for the whole camp.

The first, “I’m Pumped”, came from them being so fired up everyday at camp.  They’d walk around all day saying “I’m so pumped right now” and then wail on each other’s arms with fists of fury.  Then one day they bumrushed me in the lab and said they wanted to make a song called “I’m Pumped”.  They banged out the beat on Garage Band, and I helped them shape their verses and the chorus.  Then, true story, when we were done recording I was so pumped myself that I went in and freestyled the last verse.  We were all cracking up and they loved it so we decided to keep it on the song.  For the rest of the summer, this was our anthem.  Everyone knew all the words, and campers were constantly quoting my freestyle back to me, which was so funny.

The second, “Says Who”, was another saying of theirs.  For example, if a counselor would ask them to do something, they would respond “Says who!?”  Completely rude, obnoxious, and disrespectful, but really, really funny.  So I suggested we make a song about it.  I came up with the hook, like I’m the counselor and they’re talking back to me, and they wrote their verses.  The rest is summer camp history.

So the above video is us performing these two songs at the end of camp Variety Show.  You can’t tell from the video, but the entire gym is filled with campers and their parents and families.  It was an off the hook performance, and I’m confident that no summer camp Variety Show has ever witnessed anything like it.  Enjoy the rest of your summer, and big shout out to my boys at the BGC for making the past eight weeks unforgettable…


My beat boxing brother Max Bee came to perform for the campers and shut the place down.  It was extremely sick.  Here’s a clip from the performance of him playing the “Name Game” with the campers (he makes beats using their first names), and also beat boxing for a staff dance battle.  Thanks for coming Max!



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Ok!  Me and my young boy Kaliph finally got around to making a video for our song “Nothing U Can Do”, off my latest mixtape IPmatic (see the post below or click HERE to get that).  We filmed it on the no budget tip up in Mt. Kisco, and I basically put it all together and edited it myself.  I’m proud of this, because it’s straight raw hip hop, the way we like it.  No gimmicks, no bullshit.  Respect the No Mas NYC lid and the throwback Latrell Sprewell Knicks jersey.  Westchester County stand up, White Plains and beyond, this one’s for you!!!!!  Enjoy…

P.S.  Stay tuned for our official Westcheddar breakdown of Lebron’s decision (you blew it LBJ) and the New Knicks.  For now, I’ll just say this: I like how our new squad is shaping up.  Big shout to Amar’e Stoudemire for stepping up to the challenge.  Stay tuned to my man Tommy Dee at The Knicks Blog for all the recent news.  Holler at your boy!!!

Goodness Greyson


I gotta post this.  My dude goes in on Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”.  This video has all the middle school girls I work with in a frenzy.  And rightfully so.  This is an incredible performance.  Just look at all the girls in the back watching him with their eyes wide and mouth’s open.  Nice job Greyson Chance.  You deserve the buzz, and the millions and millions of YouTube views.  Good luck kid.

Seinfeld Sync


Kids are so funny sometimes.  I think I take for granted that my job allows me to hang out with kids all day and just listen and watch them say and do the most hilarious (and impressive) things.  Please watch the video above of two brothers lip syncing a Jerry Seinfeld stand up comedy routine about Halloween.  It’s a treat.  Spotted it recently at Vashtie’s blog, who coincidentally is a music video director (among other things) responsible for THIS Kanye x Pharrell x Lupe video that I posted a while back.  Cheah.

X Marks The Spot

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I posted the link below last night to the first ever BGC Open Mic (which I hosted at my job), but I wanted to give my boy Xavier Simmons his proper shine, because he especially went in with the spoken word.  Xavier has transformed in the past six months from a rapper to a full fledged musician and writer, focusing more on poetry and writing songs on the piano than just murdering instrumentals (which trust me he can do with ease).  Here’s his performance from the BGC Open Mic, titled “The Mechanics Of Life”….

Crazy, right?  My G is gifted with it.  More videos and pics from the open mic HERE.  Please check it out, there were some great performances by some really talented kids.  And before I go, I gotta throw the video up of my dudes the Gym Lawyer Band, two of my best friends who performed together live for the first time in over a year at the event (you might recognize Matty B from “Hammer”).  How raw are these guys?

Lots of talent in Westchester County.  Who else is out there?  Holler at your boy and let me know so I can check them out.  Uno.

Broken Bell Blam


I missed my boys Broken Bells perform on Letterman last night in celebration of their album release (it dropped yesterday).  Did anyone see it?  Did you cop the album yet?  Don’t see last night’s clip online, so instead check this live, in studio style performance of “The High Road” they just released, which I’m sure is fairly similar to their Letterman performance (they rocked the same song).  Enjoy, and go cop that Broken Bells album!!!!


A tough set of judges (kids) review the new Broken Bells single “Vaporize”…

Also, MTV’s got a performance of “The Ghost Inside” on their buzzworthy site.  Watch it HERE.