RIP Craig Mack

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“Flava In Ya Ear” was the first tape I bought when I got my driver’s license back in the summer of ’94. It will forever bring me back to one of the best times of my teenage years.

RIP Craig Mack.


Check out this dope Amerigo Gazaway remix of the “Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)”.

Modern Day Gangstas

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Shout to House Shoes for unearthing this absolute gem of an unreleased cut, featuring Biggie, Busta and Roc Marciano, produced by J Dilla. You’ll recognize the Biggie verse from the “Dangerous MC’s” version that appeared on Born Again. But now, thanks to House Shoes marrying a couple versions from DJ KaySlay and Whoo Kid tapes, we’ve got the full unreleased original version with a Roc Marciano verse at the end, and the original J Dilla production. So yes, Roc can also let cats know, just as Jadakiss once did—”I did real songs with B.I.G. no made-up shits.” Check it out.

White Chalk Part II (Reference Verse)

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Damn, son. Twenty years since Biggie was murdered. Fucking sucks.

But today is a day to celebrate his life, so I pulled out this unreleased reference verse Biggie laid down for Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s song “White Chalk Part II” for you all to enjoy. Not sure many rap fans have heard this one—I just discovered it for the first time a few months ago. Shout to DJ Capone with the exclusive. Listen/download below.


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