A Baseball Card Contest Pays Off, 6 Decades After The Fact

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Here’s a sweet baseball story involving brothers, baseball cards, Bazooka Joe, Topps, Life Savers, Port Chester and a brand new baseball glove…

A Baseball Card Contest Pays Off, 6 Decades After the Fact (NY Times)

Shouts to my brother-in-law for sending this over, and to my 6-year-old son Luca who is currently crushing it in his fall baseball league…

Acid Test

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“’Rubber Soul’ was the pot album and ‘Revolver’ was the acid.” – John Lennon

The new issue of Rolling Stone has a great story in it about the first time The Beatles dropped acid, and how it led to a major shift in their musical output, particularly on Revolver (which celebrated its 50th anniversary earlier this month). Read below.

Beatles’ Acid Test: How LSD Opened the Door to ‘Revolver’



Check out Rolling Stone‘s new podcast episode “Temple of the Dog Return” featuring Chris Cornell, Jeff Ament and Mike McCready telling the story behind the great grunge supergroup as they prepare for their first-ever tour together this fall.

‘Rolling Stone Music Now’ Podcast: Temple of the Dog Return

Nothing More To Say

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I fell in love with the Frightnrs’ music last year when they released their EP Inna Lovers Quarrel. I couldn’t believe a modern-day reggae band was making such classic-sounding roots music. I listened to the EP nonstop, and told everyone I knew about them.

Earlier this year, I reached out to the Frightnrs to see if they were available to perform on a bill with myself and Matisyahu at The Capitol Theatre for his Youth 10th anniversary show in March. They responded via email and let me know they had stopped performing indefinitely due to health issues. Turns out their frontman Dan Klein was diagnosed with ALS and had become very sick.

He died a month ago.

Last week, The New York Times published an article about the Frightnrs and the tragedy surrounding the band. Not only did Dan pass away, two other members of the band (who are brothers) recently lost their father in a crazy auto accident. But through it all, the Frightnrs’ debut is still set to be released later this year on Daptone Records, and the Times story broke down the sad but inspiring details of how they rallied together to get the album done and make sure Klein left behind a beautiful legacy. The write-up also featured the band’s new single which shares the same title as their upcoming debut, Nothing More To Say.

Listen above (song is gorgeous), and read below.

With Wounded Spirits, the Frightnrs Rally Around Their Frontman

RIP Dan Klein. Thank you for everything you gave to us. Your spirit will always live on.

He Gets Props Too

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Here’s a dope interview Genius did with Skeff Anselm, who A Tribe Called Quest fans should know from this shoutout. And yes, that’s him on the Midnight Marauders cover. Click below to read.

How Skeff Anselm Helped Tribe, Mos Def, and Brand Nubian Make Classics